Telepath Tactics


Strategy and role in a very special fantasy world


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Telepath Tactics is a turn-based strategy game similar to Fire Emblem where you have to lead an army of soldiers through a campaign full of political plots, with conflicts solved on the battlefield.

Telepath Tactics is set in a very special fantasy world. Here, magic doesn't exist, but you can indeed find psychic powers and elements from steampunk (rifles, steam weapons, etc.).

In this peculiar world there are no elves, dwarves, or dragons. Instead you'll find only humans, and a few other races invented exclusively for the game.

The gameplay in Telepath Tactics is very similar to that of Fire Emblem. You have to move your troops by turns and attack enemy forces, keeping in mind that each weapon has a specific reach and power, and that the terrain is a key factor. For instance, you can throw enemies to rivers of lava, destroy buildings with troops inside, and even build bridges.

Telepath Tactics is a fun turn-based strategy game that's full of possibilities. Fans of Fire Emblem or Disgaea will definitely love it.

The demo version only lets you play two worlds.

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